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Chatting about your fantasies, turn-ons, and sexual preferences is a question questipns to feel even more connected and in sync, plus it serves the dual purpose of making for some pretty hot foreplay — you're bound to get all hot and bothered when sex going into detail about what turns you on. The best way to improve your sex life? Be upfront about what turns you on, and open-minded when it comes to exploring new things together in the bedroom. If sexx comfortable being candid about sex, that's a that you mutually trust each other and feel secure in your relationship. Here are nine sexy questions to ask your partner to open up a fun, flirty, or even raunchy dialogue — quetions hot convo that's sure to chat into some major sparks in the bedroom. Andrew Zaeh for Bustle Does your partner like moaning, heavy breathing, dirty talk, a combo

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Sex chat questions

Once you know their answer, you can work on re-building your connection by having more of those moments. Andrew Zaeh for Bustle Almost everyone has two kinds of fantasies : the ones we're dying to try IRL, and those that we'd rather remain strictly imaginary.

4 Questions to Ask a New Partner Before Having Sex

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle When words just aren't enough, you can always turn up the heat by ssx your partner to show you how they like to be touched. You'll learn more about how to arouse them, and probably initiate some sexy foreplay in the process.

Sex chat questions

There are plenty of amazing couples sex toys that add extra stimulation so both of you are left satisfied. If you're toy novices, take a chzt to a sex shop together and have fun picking out some fun new things to play with in bed.

Wanting Sexual Women Sex chat questions

A tell-tale of a healthy sex life is being comfortable talking to your partner about all things intimate. Dex opening up a dialogue about your turn-ons and fantasies, you and your partner can learn even more about each other — and then have even hotter sex as a result.

Sex chat questions

But this can be prevented if you talk from the get go about how to have a balanced relationship. Sit down together and write out lists of how chst like to divvy up chores, how much time you'd like to spend together versus apart, how often you'd like to go on dates, etc.

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Once you have shared your priorities, you can see if they're aligned — and make adjustments as necessary. If they tell you, for example, that they'd appreciate having more open and honest communicationthen you've already opened the door to working on that issue together. But if they have an unrealistic request or you can't see eye-to-eye on an ongoing problem, consider it a you may not be on the same.

By straight up asking your partner what their goals are for the future of your relationship, you'll get to see if they line up with your own — no guessing required.

Sex chat questions

But even if they don't, it's important to discuss and define what your idea zex a healthy relationship will look like, Romo says, so you can be on the same. Even later in the relationship, as life throws new things at you a shared apartment, kids you can keep asking this question, and see how your definition might need to be updated. But asking this question is important.

Your partner might be a "fighter" or they might "flee" when things get tough. But knowing each other's argument style will allow you to both agree on a set of rules to resolve arguments, she says, so you can remain on the same team. O'Hora, Ph.

Write down things like your political and religious quwstions, your feelings on marriage or kids — whatever is super important to you — and then compare with your partner. Asking this question can be fun, too, especially if they say "more dates" or "more sex," and you've been thinking the same thing.

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In fact, one third of millennial couples have even broken up over financial differences. So it's important to discuss this issue early and often. You can chat about small things, like how you plan to pay bills if you ever move in together.

But you can also talk long-term goals, like paying off a major debt or buying a house, Romo says — and what that process might look like. If your partner hasn't thought this through, asking will at least put it out in the open, so you can work towards figuring things out together. Not on the first date, obviously, but as soon as it seems like you might have a future together.

It's important to discuss early on, Romo says, because if you disagree it's pretty much fhat dealbreaker. But if you both want kids, this convo will allow you to plan for it, talk timelines, and so on.

Sex chat questions