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Today, Twitter Spaces, as the product is now being called, is launching into private beta testing. During this time, the product will be limited to select individuals, largely from underrepresented backgrounds, Twitter says. As the company had explained in November, it would be critical to getting safety right in order for people to feel comfortable in these sorts of spaces. That's a difficult challenge to overcome -- particularly for a company like Twitter, which some have argued has overly favored free speech to limit cries of censorship, even when such speech made some afraid to speak up on the platform's potential for abuse, bullying and cancel culture.

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The test will run on iOS during the beta, offering the opportunity for users to participate in host-moderated audio conversations between two or more people. You can either press and hold the compose button in the lower right corner of the screen, or you can create a Space through the Fleet creation screen by swiping right.

Hosts on Spaces will also be able to invite people to a Space through DMs, by tweeting links, or by sharing a link elsewhere. As the test rolls out, everyone can see and Spaces when they're invited to do so, but hosts will control who's speaking.

Soon, hosts will also have more options to control conversations. Many of these features were already spotted last twitrer by eagle-eyed reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong. But today, Twitter is confirming they will be part of the beta test at launch. The company will also tweet about Spaces from a dedicated TwitterTwitterSpaces.

Twitter sex chat

The tweet was later deleted by Twitter under its policy on misinformation. Sfx that posted it - "Mel Q" - is still live, and is a copious spreader of QAnon ideas.

QAnon's main strand of thought is that President Trump is leading a fight against child trafficking that will end in a day of reckoning with prominent politicians and journalists being arrested and executed. Mel Q is just one of many QAnon influencers who have also been plugging coronavirus disinformation. Another man got in touch to explain how his mother - who attended the protests - has been led down the rabbit hole over the course of the pandemic, taken in first by coronavirus conspiracy twittef and now by QAnon.

Satanic paedophiles, anti-vaxxers and 5G There has long been overlap between QAnon influencers and pandemic conspiracists, but the weekend protests in London twittdr other cities around the world were the biggest offline demonstration to date of their increasing ties. That explains why we've seen these theories spread in local Facebook groups where more benign discussions cover which cafes are baby-friendly or which local schools make the grade.